Friday, 24 May 2013

Being "Fair" in HR Management

As HR specialists, Exclusive know that the respect and fairness with which employees are treated by their business is of paramount importance to them. Fairness in the workplace helps to determine their attitudes to the job, as well as having an effect on their productivity. Therefore, HR managers need to make sure they are doing everything they possibly can to provide a fair working environment for their employees. Here we show you how this can be achieved in your business using our expert knowledge in HR.
Diversity is about valuing your employees as individuals. It’s important to acknowledge that, although people have some things in common with one another, they are also different in many ways. A one-size-fits-all approach to HR management will not achieve fairness in the workplace because people have different personal needs, values and beliefs. A good HR manager will recognise that different approaches are required for different workers and will therefore be flexible in the management of their employees. There are a number of potential strategies to provide a diverse working environment:
  • When guiding new employees, pay closer attention to department culture and unwritten rules, as opposed to the explicit outlining of job responsibilities and expectations.
  • Be open-minded – accept that there are a number of different ways for employees to achieve the same goal and convey this belief to your staff so they can work according to their personal strengths.
  • Examine your business’ existing policies, practices and procedures to ensure that they do not differentially impact different groups. If so, make the appropriate changes.

Equality is about treating all your employees with the same level of respect, regardless of their differences. Whether it be age, gender, race or sexual orientation, it is important that none of these factors be used to judge employees as being superior or inferior to their colleagues.
Therefore, equality policies should be put in place:
  • Make sure all workers have the same equipment and peripherals to perform effectively.
  • You should not overlook one employee for a promotion in favour of another due to any non-professional justifications.
  • One of the most important equality practices a company should employ concerns wages. No employee should be paid more than any other who is performing the same amount and at the same level.
As well as implementing equality policies, as an HR manager it’s your job to always be seen to be treating your employees equally:
  • Respond to your employees’ needs and concerns promptly, regardless of their position in the company. A Caretaker’s question about his rota is just as important as a question from your Company Director.
  • Deal with any problems that arise objectively and not based on the employee involved. Of course you are going to enjoy some people’s company over others but you cannot let a fondness for someone dictate how you handle a situation.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with all of your workers. Do not discuss personal matters that are irrelevant to the business. You should keep relationships amicable but not overly friendly, so as to avoid any awkward misunderstandings.
  • Be honest with all of your workers. Do not give any one employee privileged information, but at the same time do not hide anything from an employee for good reason.
What are your thoughts on these issues of fairness in the workplace? Will you be implementing any of the strategies we discussed? Our HR experts can assist you with any HR-related queries you may have – get in touch.


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